When a person has an allergic reaction, it means their immune system mistakenly believes a substance is harmful and responds by trying to eliminate it. Allergic reactions can be mild, like a runny nose, or in rare cases, cause difficulty breathing, swelling of the throat and tongue, or even loss of consciousness.
Allergic disorders affect a large percentage of the population and represent some of the most common chronic medical conditions. While allergic disorders are very common, they are also very complex and require detailed care from a specialist.

Buckhead Urgent & Primary Care of Atlanta has doctors that provide consultation, testing, treatment and continuing care for allergies and allergic conditions, plus testing and treatment for disorders of the immune system.  Our doctors treat all types of seasonal allergy symptoms in patients from Atlanta such as:

  • Spring allergies –– This is the time of year when trees and plants begin to bloom and pollen saturates the air, causing many sinus issues for allergy sufferers.
  • Summer allergies –– As temperatures get warmer and wildlife continues to grow, weeds and grasses can make your allergies flare up and cause a runny nose, sneezing, and itchy, watery eyes.
  • Fall allergies –– Ragweed and dust mites are common fall allergy irritants that can give you cold-like symptoms.
  • Winter allergies –– When the cold weather hits and you start using your heat, it can irritate your sinuses by spreading dust and insect parts.

What Are Allergies?

An “allergy” is a sensitivity of your immune system to something that is ordinarily harmless. When your body tries to get rid of the allergen (foreign substance), you experience symptoms like sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, and a runny, stuffy nose. Typical allergens include pet dander, pollen, dust mites, and mold. Seasonal allergies describe allergies that change with the seasons due to pollen from plants. These allergens can be difficult to manage because it seems like they’re everywhere and they’re difficult to avoid. For people with seasonal allergies, symptoms come and go with the pollination seasons of certain trees, grasses or weeds.

Signs and Symptoms

If you or your child develop a “cold” at the same time every year, seasonal allergies may be to blame. Allergy symptoms, which usually come on suddenly and last as long as you are exposed to the particular allergen, can include:

  • Sneezing
  • Itchy nose
  • Nasal congestion
  • Clear, runny nose
  • Coughing

These symptoms often come with itchy, watery, and/or red eyes, which is called allergic conjunctivitis. If your child has wheezing and shortness of breath in addition to these symptoms, the allergy may have progressed into asthma.

Allergies can interrupt your health and your busy lifestyle. Let our urgent care doctors at Buckhead Urgent & Primary Care of Atlanta get to the bottom of what’s causing your allergies and find a treatment that works for you.